Scholar Database & Associations of Scholars

To provide an institutional avenue for scholars of traditional Indian knowledge-systems to come together, to form associations for cooperative sharing of knowledge, and to strive for the regeneration of Vedic learning and Vedic culture in our society.


  • Building a Traditional Scholar Database
  • Forming Associations of Scholars
  • Formulating Knowledge Dissemination Programs
  • Formulating Research Programs


To engage and critically examine the ideas and concepts of the contemporary world and to define, when found necessary, a set of epistemologically sound principles for the purpose of building the institutes of the future world catering to both the mundane and the spiritual aspirations of humankind.


  • Creating a pool of scholars trained in world philosophies and sciences
  • Developing a platform of discourse based on the principles of Nyaya
  • Initiating and sustaining Research programs
  • Conducting research seminars and conferences
  • Providing scholarships and research grants
  • Publishing a Research Journal

Knowledge Dissemination

To disseminate knowledge of Vedic Dharma from the perspective of the Indian tradition, and which is unencumbered by the ideas, concepts and theories based on different world views.


  • Creating an on-line Encyclopedia on Sanathana Dharma
  • Creating an Information Kiosk for answering questions on Hinduism
  • Publishing articles with insights into Vedic Vidyas and Vedic Dharma
  • Arranging seminars on Vedic culture and Vedic Dharma
  • Conducting learning programs
  • Conducting a Finishing school for traditional scholars
  • Promoting Gurukula education


To set up an establishment with buildings, infrastructure, teaching staff and other support facilities for undertaking all the above activities.


  • To construct an Academy building with infrastructure
  • To construct hostels and a guest house
  • To set up a Center of Learning with resident scholars and teachers/professors and students
  • To set up Research facilities
  • To create and maintain a library of books and  information resources
  • Promoting Gurukula education