Dear Brother/Sister, our fellow Hindu,

If you empathize or resonate with the Vision and Goals of the Gautama Academy and would like to contribute to the cause, you can do so in two ways:

Inform us about traditional scholars

The traditional scholars of Indian vidyas are the main wealth of the Academy. They, along with the spirit of intellectual enquiry that has held the Vedic tradition aloft from a distant past, would be the primary drivers of a future Renaissance in the country. The first and foremost task of the Gautama Academy is therefore to identify the traditional scholars that are spread out across the country and to record their names and expertise details in the Scholar Database. If you know of such scholars whose names have still not been recorded in the Academy’s Scholar Database, please get in touch with us along with their contact details and any other details you may have about them. You would be doing a service to the cause that the Academy has undertaken to pursue and your contribution shall be acknowledged with gratitude.

Support us through donations

The functioning components of the Gautama Academy will be those of any modern research and teaching institution. We will have buildings, infrastructure; professors, students; seminars, workshops; library and research journals. We will pay salaries, cover publication costs, offer research grants and student scholarships. What you see in a college or university, these you may expect to see as part of our Academy as well.  What distinguishes us will be that we take up the tasks of the intellect through the Indian Intellectual tradition, through the system of Indian Logic, Nyaya.

All this however cannot happen without financial support from people like you and organizations that support our common cause. If you have read these web-pages, our Vision, Goals and Objectives and Activities, and you agree that the projects taken up by the Gautama Academy aspire to fulfill a real need of the Indian tradition in the contemporary world, and if you are able to support us, please do so.

The tasks of the Academy require money and we ask for your donation.

Dear Reader, we encourage you to contact us directly via email with your questions. You may write to us at and we will get in touch with you to address your questions and to discuss the matter with you in greater detail.

Donations made to GAIIT shall be eligible for income tax exemption under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

We will update all our donors regularly with regard to the progress of work as we build the Academy.


The GAIIT team