The Academy shall publish two Journals:

  1. A Research Journal
  2. A Vedic Knowledge Dissemination Journal



The Research Journal (titled Gautama Academy Journal of Philosophical Research) shall be the avenue for Associate Research Scholars of the Academy to publish their research articles and papers. The papers/articles to be published in the Research Journal shall conform to the highest standards of academic rigor and shall also undergo peer-review before they are published.

In general, the articles / papers published in the Research Journal would be on the topics that the Academy takes up for research from time to time, but publications of articles in the Research Journal are not restricted to these topics only. If any Associate Scholar of the Academy writes an article or paper on an issue of contemporary import broadly using the methods and principles of the Indian logical tradition, and if the article conforms to the standards of academic rigor stipulated by the Academy, the article / paper would be eligible for publication in the Research Journal.



The Vedic Knowledge Dissemination Journal (titled Vedic Sampradaya) shall provide an avenue for Associate Scholars of the Academy to publish their insights on Sanathana Dharma. The Journal is not meant to disseminate in-depth knowledge of the individual Vedic vidyas nor is it a place to engage in inter-school polemics; its primary purpose is to publish articles that provide insights into the overarching nature of Sanathana Dharma and more particularly on how the individual vidyas of Vedic Dharma relate to one another and how they form an integral structure of the body of Hinduism. Also, articles on Indian culture, Indian history, the sixty-four arts, and on Indian science are eligible for publication, subject to them complying with the Editorial policies.



Once the Journals are launched, a query facility shall be provided on this webpage to query the database of articles published in various issues of the Academy’s Journal by criteria such as:

  • Author
  • Article Title
  • Journal Issue
  • Date range
  • Etc.