Workshop on Western Theories of Perception

Three Associate scholars/members of GAIIT conducted a 2-day Workshop on Western Theories of Perception at RSVP, Tirupati, on the 12th & 13th of Feb 2018″.

The goal of the Workshop was to introduce the scholars and PhD / MPhil students of the University to the ideas and theories of the Western philosophical tradition vis-à-vis the Indian tradition. The Workshop was conducted by Dr. H L Chandrashekar, Sri Chittaranjan Naik and Sri Govindarajan of GAIIT and was attended by over 120 PhD / MPhil students of RSVP and allied institutes. The Workshop evinced considerable interest among the students to pursue further studies / research in the area.

The Workshop was sponsored by RSVP, Tirupati, thanks to Dr Muralidhara Sharma, VC of RSVP, and Prof Vishwanatha Sharma, Head of Advaita Dept of RSVP.